Want to show the world your undying love and affection for us? Buy some stuff!


Joe KorbuszewskiThe Camp666 Bachelor of the Year Calendar.
Featuring Alex Henderson.
Photos by Alana Tamminga.
Now you can gaze upon Alex 365 days a year.
What a perfect gift for the ladies in your life.... or dudes. Whatever works.



Joe KorbuszewskiThe Defend Tacoma Sticker. Show your love of our fair city with this 8"x4" vinyl cut decal. This updated design features an AK-74su, better known as the Krinkov.



In Soviet Russia, You write blog about us! What a Country! High quality 6"x2" sticker.



ryan lowryThe original Camp666 sticker, it speaks the truth. High quality 6"x2" sticker.



Mark ManningWe will tell you what to like.
High quality 6"x2" sticker.



Comic Sans. A tribute to the much maligned font that we all love so much.
High quality 6"x2" sticker.