Camp666 is made up of a group of writers and photographers who are awesome. In fact, we have reached a level of awesome that would cause you to cower in fear while in our presence. If you ever tried to approach us at a bar, Gandalf the Grey would slam his staff down and yell, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" because we here at Camp666 are friends with Gandalf. He drinks beer with us and that is a fact because you read it here. We like Rainier and Craft Beer. We like Heavy Metal and Hall & Oates. We love our city.

If you'd like to be featured on Camp666- Don't call us. We'll Call you.

If you'd like to submit work to Camp666- please send us an email with a copy of your degree in Engish/Literature, Journalism, Creative Writing, Communications or Liberal Arts. We care deeply for the quality of our work at Camp666 and so you must have at least a Masters degree to even be considered. Thank you.

Praise from one of our fans-
"I like your website. It is good. It makes me laugh because you guys are am funny. Keep a sing, Keep a dance, go to store......"

Who We Are +

Joe KorbuszewskiJoe Korbuszewski- Internetter, Writer, Husband, Dad, Belgian beer snob.


Rachel Ervin-Typically, Rachel writes really boring stuff like book reviews or essays on citizenry or whatever. She owes a great debt to Camp666 for giving her a new perspective on life. When she isn't being badass, you can find her cooking, cleaning, wiping snotty noses, and telling Joe to get a real job. Cuz this aint cuttin it, obvs..


Alana Tamminga- Phototaker, Mom, Beer lover, and Art Institute nerd. You can check out her work HERE.


Bjornegar Njordgar- Conqueror of the Northland, Bane to the Light, Bringer of the Grim and Frosty Doom.


ryan lowryRyan Lowry- Photographer, Interviewer, German car lover, Rainier guzzler, Billy Mays.


ryan lowrySloane Peterson- Our Expert on Fashion, Gig Harbor and Girl Stuff.


Mark ManningMark Manning- Resident Internet Troll.